Saturday 13 April 2024

Excess is success

"I really don't understand minimalism. It is so polite and boring. If you don't want anyone to notice you, you should stay home and grow your own vegetables."

"Fashion should be something that in the morning, when you open your window, you say, 'Oh fantastic, sun!' Then you take your shower, you say, 'OK fantastic, which colour I wear today because I feel happy?' This should be fashion."

"In my planet, fashion, I'm the only straight man."

"What is too much? There is no such thing!"

"Excess is success."

The "go-to" designer for a raft of celebrities, from Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren to the Beckhams, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, the great Italian fashionista Roberto Cavalli has departed to bestow endless swathes of leopardskin and animal print upon the glitterati of Fabulon.

The catwalks are going to be a lot less camp and glamorous now he's gone...

RIP, Roberto Cavalli (15th November 1940 – 12th April 2024)


  1. Needless to say, Roberto was very popular in the US with the women of New Jersey, and parts of Long Island.

    1. Anyone into leopardskin prints was obviously into Signor Cavalli! Jx

  2. "What is too much? There is no such thing!"
    fab frocks

    1. My fave is the last one (bottom right). "Drama, darling!" Jx


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