Thursday 4 July 2024

A Legend

"I've never been intimidated by other actors because I'm an actor. I'm not in awe, but I certainly have respect for other wonderful actors."

"America is now obsessed by stars in an unhealthy way. They don't actually deserve this kind of attention. They're only actors - not scientists who are triumphing over cancer or doing some other wonderful thing."

"The longer you live, I believe, you learn so much about life that you have more to give."

"I don't wake up and say, 'Gee, it's a nice day, and I'm a legend.'"

We have another centenary to celebrate today - and the celebrant is, for a change, very much still with us!

The radiant Eva Marie Saint (for it is she), in her seven-decade career, starred opposite myriad fine actors - including Marlon Brando (in On The Waterfront), Cary Grant and James Mason (North By Northwest), Paul Newman (Exodus), Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor (The Sandpiper), and many more - and held her own against all of them. Now she is one of the very few survivors of that classic Hollywood era, outliving them all...

A stunning and talented woman.

Eva Marie Saint (born 4th July 1924)


  1. Cool blonde vibes - and I reckon she ate her greens.

  2. How marvelous. And so often overlooked. Thanks for celebrating her.

    1. Of all the "Hitchcock Blondes", she did sort of fade out of view - possibly because her career peaked so early, and she never courted the headlines. She's a survivor, and we love her. Jx

  3. Pure class. An actress rather than a star.
    I loved her in 'The Sandpiper' and North By Northwest amongst others.
    Happy centenary Eva Marie Saint.

    1. She was superb in North by Northwest! Jx


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