Friday, 11 December 2020

Carry On, carried off

RIP, Dame Barbara Windsor. An icon, an inspiration, a national treasure.

We will miss you.

Dame Barbara Windsor, (Babs) DBE (born Barbara Ann Deeks, 6th August 1937 - 10th December 2020)


  1. Oh dear. Is she the actress that played on EastEnders?

    1. The one and only "Peggy Mitchell"... Jx

  2. Replies
    1. ...and somewhere from out of the clouds will echo the irresistible sound of that giggle... Jx

  3. I think I should seek out one of the Carry Ons this weekend. I hope Carry On Camping is on somewhere? There's nothing camper than Babs' tits in that campsite exercise bra-snap scene!

    1. Or Carry On Henry:

      "Oh, what a lovely pear."
      "Oooh, ta!"


  4. My brothers saw her onstage in panto when they were children - she played a fairy. She asked our cousin Zoe her name and misheard it as "Church," but in fairness it is really hard to understand what other people's kids are saying, even with your own you often have to just nod and pretend you can work out what they've just said. And if a child's told you there name in a crowded theatre, mainly full of children, in a theatre format where you're encouraged to shout things out, you're going to have to just guess.

    I do love these "diva" posts, Barbara Windsor definitely ranks as a screen legend.

  5. Replies
    1. As if this bloody year could get any worse... Jx


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