Friday, 3 December 2021

On the Jukebox this Weekend at Dolores Delargo Towers


  1. My word. Some great ones here. That first one? You can feel the tension. Vivian telling those girls who this photo is really about! Mr. Bill Lee! Woot, woot. I would love to hear that one, actually. It's historic. and that last one? Curious Drag Queen... is is it a dance record? Are there remixes???

    1. I can imagine that Miss Blaine wouldn't be the easiest person to work with!

      Rae Bourbon's colourful life came to a sad end in 1971, long before the Disco boom - she died in prison, convicted as an accomplice to murder (a fact I never knew, having only briefly encountered her thanks to the demised Queer Music Heritage site).

      As for Mr Billie Lee, also from QMH I found out that he ran Miami's first ever gay bar in the 1950s... Jx

  2. Another fab collection of gems for me to resist downloading.


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