Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Whatever happened to class?

Joi Lansing (6th April 1929 – 7th August 1972)

Sonja Henie (8th April 1912 – 12th October 1969)

Dame Cicely Courtneidge (1st April 1893 – 26 April 1980)

Billie Holiday (7th April 1915 – 17th July 1959)

Mistinguett (5th April 1873 – 5th January 1956)

Carmen McRae (8th April 1920 – 10th November 1994)

Dame Penelope Keith (born 2nd April 1940)

Alberta Hunter (1st April 1895 – 17th October 1984)

Debbie Reynolds (1st April 1932 – 28th December 2016)

Mary Pickford (8th April 1892 – 29th May 1979)


  1. Oh, dear. Poor Mistinguett appears to have stuck her finger in an electrical socket! She won't get any sympathy from Margo...

    1. "Nothing you can do now will shock me. It's quite simple." - Margo Leadbetter


  2. I couldn't think of Sonja Henie the other day. I was talking to mother about Esther Williams, and I was like... there was a woman who did ice skating movies too. And mother said, Joan Crawford? I said... I don't think so... ice melts under that bitch. Kizzes.

    1. Oh, darling! Always listen to your mother. Joan-Crawford-on-ice is actually a real thing! Jx


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